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Deciding to start up your own small business can be one of the largest choices you make in your life. Running a business takes serious commitment, and a lot of effort, and is not a decision that should be entered into lightly, but when you have decided that this is definitely the route for you personally, then writing up your strategic business plan is among the first things you need to think about.


Your business plan will lay out at length exactly what you want to achieve, and just how you plan on doing it, the greater detailed your plan is the greater. You'll need this plan not just for yourself, but also for your bank if you are going to be trying to get financial aid to begin your company, so make sure it is written professionally, because the bank won't be impressed if you show up with coffee stained scraps of paper with some ideas jotted down.

   The first thing you need to make obvious within your business plan is exactly what your business is going to do, what products or services you'll be offering, how you will offer those to customers (online, by phone or from a shop etc), and how you'll approach the pricing. Clearly defining your company in this way will make it easier for the bank to determine if you are viable for a financial loan. It will help you over time as you will know precisely where you are heading.
   Think about who your customers is going to be, it is important to possess a clear concept of who you are marketing your service to so you can promote your business effectively. Questions you should ask yourself might be; Are the customers old or young? What are their lifestyles like? How would you advertise your business for them? The greater information you've regarding your potential customers the better.
   Choosing a reputation for your new business is important, and you should place a large amount of consideration into this. The name should suit your business and reflect the image you wish to portray. Use the internet and check should there be any businesses already using this name or something much the same, you can do this by a weight website registry site and typing in the name you wish to use. Attempt to select a name that's not too much time and can be easily remembered.
   If you are going to have to take within the company include this inside your plan, as this will be an extra expense you will have to consider. You also will have to familiarise yourself with employment laws.

These are merely a few of the things to consider when starting your business plan. Remember your plan isn't absolute, as the company grows you may need to adjust areas, or add sections you hadn't considered before.

Think about remember is that to be successful in establishing a start up business you have to be flexible and realistic

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